Sunday, 28 September 2008

Statement of Goals

  1. To discuss and debate freely and fairly how the universe we live in works, on what basis the society we live in is structured and the nature of the interaction of human beings with eachother.
  2. To promote and proseltyse viewpoints the author believes would be postive moves forward, most pertinently; Working towards a Federal global government, abolition of private control of the infrastructure, abolition of the finance system, establishing direct democracy, dismantling of all-purpose executives, moving towards communal living, removal of monogamy as a social construct, adopting a positive attitude to population expansion and space colonisation, acceptance and pride in Mankind as being the pinnacle of creation and subservient to none.
  3. To debate freely with others on matters of political/philosophical and personal interest.
  4. To work towards the establishment of online discussion forums where free debate is possible, without being polluted by base ad hominem attacks and logical fallacies, and a long term goal of turning the blogosphere into the world's first true direct democratic debating forum.
  5. To preserve and protect the right of all bloggers to blog freely without fear of their anonymity being compromised and private details about them being exposed.
  6. To co-ordinate as far as is possible with other like-minded bloggers with the long term aim of establishing an international grouping the purpose of which is to work towards the peacable removal of the existing order and the establishment of a global communal democracy.
  7. To actively debate with and engage with bloggers of opposing viewpoints with the ideal of discussing ideas and opening up thought, rather than adopting closed thought processes.

  1. All comments are welcomed, from all points of view. No commentor should feel their views are unwelcome, provided their comments are civilised. Responses to comments will be delivered in the spirit the comment was made.
  2. Ad Hominem comments or abusive comments, whether to the primary author of the blog, co-authors, or commentors, will be removed. The author reserves the right to judge what comments are unacceptable. This includes generic utterances of a racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory nature.
  3. Comments which make statements about either the primary author, co-authors, or commentors which contain information that could be considered of a personal nature, relating to their real life identity, as opposed to their blogging identity will be removed. The question of their veracity is irrelevant.
  4. Comments which contain information the primary author, co-author, or other commentors may have disclosed in private, or may refer to interactions that took place outside the blogosphere, whether in e-mail, IM, or in the flesh, will be removed unless the person referred to specifically requests otherwise.
  5. If a commentor persists in making a nuisance of themselves, then a formal request will be either sent to their listed e-mail, or if no such e-mail is published a request will be left in their comments section, requesting that they do not comment again. If they persist in commenting once this request has been formally issued, a formal complaint will be made to their internet service provider and they will furthermore be listed in the sidebar under a list of banned commentors. I hope never to have to put up such a list. Ultimately, I have no qualms passing the IP address of a nuisance commentor to the authorities of the country concerned, but if I can track down your employer instead, it is them I will address my complaint.

  1. The site has an e-mail address which is for anyone to use, should they wish to contact me on any issue, whether it is to comment on something in a manner they'd rather not do publically, arrange blogging activities, or just say hi. A lot of people do, and that's great.
  2. Any communication that takes place between the author of this blog should be treated as confidential. If reference to any conversation had involving the author of this blog is to be quoted in a manner which makes it possible to identify the author of this blog as having made those statements, written consent should have been obtained first. Breach of this point would put the offending party on the same footing as a banned commentor. The author understands that human interaction being what it is, it is only natural that bloggers will sometimes blog about other bloggers. The author has several times been mentioned in posts on other blogs, with regard to interactions and conversation,that have taken place between the author of this blog and the author of the blog in question. This is not in itself a problem. It is a problem if it is done in a manner which makes the author of the blog identifiable. And this would be considered a breach of confidence. In principle the author is in most cases happy to give permission for his views and other statements to be quoted, but if the views or statements are not already public, written consent should be obtained.
  3. Any real life interaction between the author and other bloggers should in principle be considered governed by the same code. The author understands that a blogger might wish to blog on such an interaction. The author is emphatic that it would be the right of a blogger to do so, but states that no mention of the identity of the author should be made, or facts which would lead their identity to be deduced. The author affirms that he would on no circumstances give consent to his identity being revealed in such a situation.
  4. The author reserves the right to rescind any form of contact at any point. The author determines that he does not in any sense have to justify a decision. If the author determines that he desires a cessation of contact and such request is not met, a formal request will be sent to the relevant party, to which this Blog policy will be attached. If further attempts are made by the relevant party to attempt contact in any way, then these attempts will be treated as harrassment and e-mails sent in breach of the formal request for them to cease may be published. If such action persists, the Police will be notified.
  5. The author solemnly guarantees that unless the policy of this blog listed above has been breached, any e-mail or IM conversation had with this blog will be treated as strictly confidential, and as far as anyone else is concerned, never happened. The author will always seek the consent of the other party to mention or allude to conversations had outside comments sections.
  6. The author categorically states that he is not responsible for YOUR state of mind. If you cannot keep private and confidential any interactions had with the author of this blog, and cannot accept that contact with the author of this blog takes place entirely on the terms of the author of this blog and can be rescinded at any point, do not contact the author of this blog in the first place.

  1. The obligations of co-authors are slim. However, it is asked that if you accept to co-write, you try to post when your turn comes. At present, this is approximately one post every five weeks, and I attempt to give between one and two weeks notice in advance of the date preferred.
  2. Co-authors have total freedom to post on what they like. There is no imperative that co-authors share my opinions. This blogger has a set of objectives, but primarily the main point of this blog is free speech.
  3. Co-authors have the right to take a greater part in the life of the blog, should they so wish. They may post what they like, when they like, within reason. All I ask is at least two day's notice.
  4. Co-authors have the right to communicate to me regarding posts and other matters referring to this blog. Since their names are attached in the sidebar, this gives them the right to have a say in posts, blog policy and other issues. Ultimately if a post is objected to by a co-author, its status will be reviewed. I would rather sacrfice a post than lose a co-author.
  5. Commentors who are not welcome at the blogs of co-authors of this blog, are not welcome at this blog.


This blogger really does practise what he preaches. I love all my readers. Really, I do. You all have the right to contact me whenever you so choose. And any female readers who propose sex to this blogger, will find the situation considered on its own merits. This blogger will be loathe to turn anyone down between the ages of 20 and 45, who has a decent figure and a discreet attitude. You will, however, be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. Furthermore, you are asked to remember that you remain simply a reader and you are not to attach any significance to this. You will not consider sex having taking place- or indeed any other personal relationship of any kind- as making you any different to any other reader.

You will also remember that every single other reader has an equal right to be given anything that I give you.

Ultimately, you will regard any interaction you have with myself as a pleasurable, but ultimately subsidiary by product of blogging. I love you all in your own way, and I'm prepared to love anyone as they love me. But never forget, no one owns me. And no one ever will. You can all have a piece of me, but it stays just that. A piece.